Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Forum Post Number 23
added a new poll in my forum, running until 2014 31 December, no prize for guessing who voted first!

interesting that i can't copy and paste out my post. maybe a firefox bug

anyway, here it is!

It might interest you to visit this
Gravity-Physics by Inquiry
it includes the write-up PDF with details in the reference section where anyone can download the 4 computer models that is has been well received by Physics educators in Singapore and in the world.
Do share this with your friends who might find the info useful :)
the 4 models are here.
ejs_EarthAndSatelite.jar (2443k) 
ejs_GField_and_Potential_1D_v3wee.jar (1494k)picture of computer model with g and V to scale of the right and data analysis tool for investigation that dV/dx = -g

ejs_innergyGFieldandPotential1Dv2EarthMoonwee.jar (2037k)

ejs_KeplerSystem3rdLaw03.jar (2782k)
my blog
please contact me if you have similar research interest on using open source physics tools for physics learning. i have a menu here of 65+ computer models free for anyone to use, download and remix.

i would like to thanks the open source physics community, namely
Paco, Andrew Duffy, Todd Timberlake for the 4 computer models where we stand on the shoulder of giants to make the world of physics learning come alive!